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Hey, remember when I used to write Forwood fanfiction? Remember when I had hope about Caroline and Tyler? Remember when I really enjoyed TVD? A big resounding fucking no. Thanks, Plec. Really.

I just love how natural they seem together, like two pieces of a beautiful puzzle that everyone else discarded after trying to mold them into something they weren’t. Turns out, they were always a perfect fit, but only for each other.

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I am always so impressed with how much CA and MT can do with so little. They always seem to make every scene they have shine with greatness.

I too want there to be a “boyfriend/girlfriend” verbalization, but I think part of what is so spectacular about these two is that they don’t feel the need to validate their relationship through words. It’s always actions.

For me, it’s difficult, because I am a person who communicates with words. I’m a writer, always have been and so for me to love this couple so deeply who is much more show than tell says a lot.

They are just comfortable with each other, no second guessing, and for me, I think they ARE together already.

It was such a subtle scene, and yet, so completely encompassing what these two mean to each other and a testament to their relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a “Caroline is my girlfriend” scene, but I have a feeling we’ll get more than our fair share of admissions of love that will make us swoon and squee.

Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel” comes on the radio and you immediately think of Caroline and Tyler.

Nothing else.

And you’re smiling like an idiot.


i really love the looks of this:

 I really want to know what they’re talking about….her hands on his heart.


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My new video. Did a small  promo for next weeks episode.

The Vampire Diaries 3x03 teaser-Tyler/Caroline (fanmade)

I hope you like this:)


and if you don’t know which one (I know you know I just want to use it again) Let me show you:

Now you have ten minutes to reset your brain.


  1. When Tyler takes off Caroline’s shirt, the shirt is the same she’s wearing at Elena’s birthday. So this is happening at the end of…

 Right on!! I’ve been saying this!!


“We could go to the school. No one’s gonna be there right now.”

“Ugh. No way. I am not spending any more time there than I absolutely have to.”

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