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I’m totally re-watching Tyler and Caroline’s first time. Remembering the good old days. Damn do they look good together. And by good I mean motherfucking sexy bitches. But rest assured haters, we’ll get ‘em again. :)


Hey, remember when I used to write Forwood fanfiction? Remember when I had hope about Caroline and Tyler? Remember when I really enjoyed TVD? A big resounding fucking no. Thanks, Plec. Really.

Do people not think it’s possible that Tyler’s look of utter horror was not due to guilt but the fact that this sick mofo is going to spin a story like this to his girlfriend, who this sick mofo has a thing for, and said girlfriend is very insecure? Maybe he’s scared that she’ll believe it because he didn’t come out and say he had a girl help him, and that look was not one of being busted, but rather him realizing how fucking manipulative Klaus is? Or is that too logical for some people?


I’m honestly not trying to start a ship war, but I legitimately don’t get the Klaroline ship and why it has so many followers. It literally came out of nowhere for no reason, and I’m still confused about it.

Is it because people buy into Klaus’ lost boy bullshit? Because people think Caroline needs a man like Klaus to show her the world beyond Mystic Falls? Is it because they think she can “save” him? 


Caroline doesn’t need anyone to show her the world; she’s perfectly capable of doing that on her own.

And she shouldn’t have to save Klaus. If this asshole wants to be saved, maybe he should give it up to a higher power or something.

I don’t know. I’ve seen some contrived ships, but these two top that list. 

Just going to go on record and say Tyler did notcheat on Caroline, but it shows how low the writers are willing to go, doesn’t it? Fuck Klaus. Fuck the writers. Fuck this show.

I just love how natural they seem together, like two pieces of a beautiful puzzle that everyone else discarded after trying to mold them into something they weren’t. Turns out, they were always a perfect fit, but only for each other.

The Subtle Things

It’s the subtle things about her relationship with Tyler that really make them different from everyone else, all the other high school couples, and no, not just talking about the fact that she craves blood every day and he turns into a wolf, albeit a very cute wolf, once a month.

For the first time in her life she feels comfortable with being her. There’s no checking, no filter, no rehearsing speeches.

She doesn’t need to get up in front of a crowded audience and sing to get the guy to notice her, because the guy has already noticed her.

She doesn’t go to bed wondering what outfit to wear, or write a list of what she did wrong, or feel inferior.

She doesn’t need accept the fact that he will never love her, because he already does love her, and it feels good.

It’s the way he slows down when she wants him to during sex, or speed up. It’s the fact that he doesn’t cringe after watching her consume a blood bag.

It’s how he always has his hands on her, but not in an invasive or inappropriate way; he just finds a way to touch her, or kiss her, or let her know that no matter what, he’s there.

It’s his little texts, his quick emails, his smile when he sees her.

She doesn’t worry about other girls hitting on him, because she believes that they are meant to be.

It’s why she doesn’t need to worry or analyze why they haven’t said I love you’s, because they both feel it; it’s just not necessary to say it.

She doesn’t need to publicize their relationship to show everyone that she got the guy, because now she knows that it’s not a competition, and their relationship is simply just for them.

Whoever would have thought that the most complex of relationships could be so simple, so subtle, so amazing?


And Tyler.

And you know what? That’s all that mattered.



Thanks for the new thread!!

I am always so impressed with how much CA and MT can do with so little. They always seem to make every scene they have shine with greatness.

I too want there to be a “boyfriend/girlfriend” verbalization, but I think part of what is so spectacular about these two is that they don’t feel the need to validate their relationship through words. It’s always actions.

For me, it’s difficult, because I am a person who communicates with words. I’m a writer, always have been and so for me to love this couple so deeply who is much more show than tell says a lot.

They are just comfortable with each other, no second guessing, and for me, I think they ARE together already.

It was such a subtle scene, and yet, so completely encompassing what these two mean to each other and a testament to their relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a “Caroline is my girlfriend” scene, but I have a feeling we’ll get more than our fair share of admissions of love that will make us swoon and squee.

Cobra Starship’s “You Make Me Feel” comes on the radio and you immediately think of Caroline and Tyler.

Nothing else.

And you’re smiling like an idiot.


i really love the looks of this:

 I really want to know what they’re talking about….her hands on his heart.


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