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  • In response to the ridiculous inquiries about why Emmett didn’t talk to Bay about having unprotected sex right after it happened:

It was OBVIOUS from their conversation at school that NEITHER of them had talked about the night before about using protection.

They were both asking each other…

Preach it.

It was both of their faults and both their responsibilities. It’s ridiculous to blame one or the other when blame should be laid equally at their feet. And they both apologized at the end which proves this point.

Emmett not being there for her getting the morning after pill is stupid since he had no idea. At all. 

Sigh sigh sigh

1x23 // 3x12

How do you say “kiss” in sign language?

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Since I have no vidding skills (yet) is there any way someone could vid Bay/Emmett to Passenger’s Let Her Go? 

I’m totally in love with it and I hate not having vidding skills. I can offer you a virtual cookie for doing it or I’ll gladly write a fanfic for you. Or we can come up with something. I am great at praising people.


"Where to now?"