SAB Fandom ~ Bay thoughts ~

Okay, so I need to address something.

And before I start, I should preface this saying I’m a Bay/Emmett fan, but I’m most importantly a Bay fan.

Here goes. As someone who ships Bay/Emmett, am I happy that they confessed their love to each other and finally consummated their relationship? Absolutely. Do I wish she had been single when it happened? Of course. Am I downplaying cheating? No. Did Tank deserve better than to get cheated on? Yes.

However, with that being said, I feel like people are forgetting that this show is about Bay and Daphne and their relationships with people and their families. It sucks that Tank will be hurt by this, but this isn’t about Tank. I’m not minimizing his feelings. He will be upset and has a right to be upset, but this isn’t about his journey on the show. It’s about Bay’s journey. The mistakes she’ll make and her growing and learning who she wants to be with and what she wants to do with her life. Do I want it to be with Emmett? Yes. Does that mean it will necessarily be him? Of course not.

And now I’m seeing all the “Tank deserves better than Bay,” “Bay is a piece of shit” posts and rolling my eyes. I fucking hate when people use the term “deserves better than” in regards to a person. No. You can say a person deserves better than how a person treated them and their actions, but when you say “X deserves better than Y” you’re placing X’s intrinsic value as a person over Y’s. That’s bullshit. We all make mistakes. It doesn’t mean we should be condemned the rest of our lives for it (well, unless it’s something brutal). Bay screwed up; no one is challenging that. But she’s not a screw up from here on out. I really doubt she planned on what happened happening.

Oh, and I said the same thing when Emmett cheated.

It’s also really gross when people think the so called “nice guy” trope is entitled to the girl simply because he’s nice. Let me explain. You’re never obligated to a person. No one has ownership over Bay. Nope nope nope. Not Emmett, not Tank, not Ty, not whoever else may come. Bay belongs to Bay and to no one else. You’re never entitled to another human being.

You’re entitled to respect, but not to a person just because you’re a good person.

Even when Bay only saw Tank as a friend I saw people saying “Pick him Bay, he’ll be soooo good for you.” I hate that shit. Just because you’re friends with someone and develop feelings and have been there again does not mean you’re entitled to a romantic relationship with them! I’m not even speaking about just Switched with this point. I see it all the time.  It sucks to have a friend who you have feelings for who doesn’t return them, but if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. I’m certainly not implying that Tank felt he was entitled to Bay; that is a more a fandom issue.

Let me also make one thing clear. I am not defending Bay’s actions with what happened in the park with Emmett. I just don’t think Bay should stay with Tank simply because he’s a “nice guy” when she has feelings for someone else. I don’t even think Bay should have ever gotten involved with Tank. She bought into the nice guy trope without really thinking about if it was what she wanted or if she just wanted to feel safe and secure.

Thank you.

SAB Fandom

Okay for real, why does everyone hate Bay so fucking much? I don’t get it. Does she do some stupid crap at times? Yes. Can she be a bit self-centered at times? Yes. Can she be selfish at times? Yes. She’s gasp human and as such, is written like a flawed human character should be. She’s not written like some damn Mary Sue who can do wrong or #poorJo. You can feel bad for Bay because she does does get shit on quite often. 

And yet, you’d think this chick was the worst character ever as though other character on here is perfect. Right. I forgot that Toby didn’t gamble away $10K and steal a test to pay it off, that Emmett cheated, that Daphne blackmailed a senator. 

Everybody else is allowed to be redeemed in this fucking fandom except for Bay. I’m so over it.

Bottom line, you sprout hate about Bay, I’m blocking you.

In Defense of Bay Kennish

Yeah, I know. Writing another Bay blog post, but whatever. If I have to read another fucking FB post about how she needs to “grow up”, I swear I am going to scream. Daphne is blackmailing senators but Bay needs to grow up because?

I mean, technically, yes. She does need to grow up, but do you want to know why? Because she’s a teenager. And still in high school. I know we all like to think we were mature for our age, but I assure you, if you rifle through your teenage memory banks, you will remember how stupid you too acted at the tender age of 17/18. And if you tell yourself you were perfect and never made a mistake, well, you’re lying.

Enjoy that view from your glass house, I guess.


Slut Shaming and Switched at Birth

Guys, seriously. The slut shaming of Bay needs to stop. I understand people who ship Bemmett (I do too, believe me) being disappointed or people who just wish she had waited in general regardless of her choice of sexual partner, but she didn’t. Obviously all of us have our own morals and that’s fine, but it’s just not okay to slut shame her.

You want to know why society has accepted the terms of “slut” and “whore” so easily? Because we let them. It’s probably more women using those terms than men.

We seriously need to stop the judging, the saying she has no class, and frankly, whatever else people have been saying. It’s disgusting, demoralizing, and makes me fear for our gender. And now I will get off my soapbox. 

I fucking can’t with this fandom.

Bay did not take both Emmett and Ty away from Daphne. Daphne and Emmett, as well as Daphne and Ty, were friends. Friends don’t have ownership over each other and if you think otherwise, welcome to third grade.

Last I checked, Emmett and Daphne are still best friends. If Emmett and Daphne drifted while he was dating Bay, that’s on him. Not on Bay. I think Bay was pretty understanding about Daphne and Emmett’s friendship considering she kissed him while the two of them were dating and then straight up told Bay she was going after him. But no, Bay is evil. She TOOK Emmett. SMDH. 

And can we stop bringing up the Liam thing? Let it go already. It’s been two years, and Bay apologized, but even if she didn’t, how do you compare dating someone’s ex to dating a friend? Really. 


What is up with the fandoms today? Between TVD and Switched at Birth, I just can’t.  On TVD you have people rooting for Klaroline because they think Caroline can “save” him or some fucked up bullshit like that, despite him being a murderous fiend, and then on Switched, Bay is now being relegated to being a slut because she dumped her cheating boyfriend and found someone new.

Let me explain something. When someone cheats, you don’t owe them or the relationship anything. You don’t need to forgive them. If you can and you do, all the more power to you, but I’d seriously punch someone for telling me “Aw, it was just one mistake. You really can’t forgive them?” No, because I don’t find myself in other peoples’ beds. I’m just wacky like that, I know.

And what’s worse, guys cheat, according to society, because it’s in their nature, they aren’t built for monogamy, whatever. It is overlooked when a guy cheats because he’s a guy, but when a girl cheats, the names come out. Slut, whore, easy. It is so fucking disgusting.

So is expecting Caroline to fall for Klaus because he’s misunderstood. Misunderstood MY ASS. 

In short, fuck misogynistic fandoms. 

We All Fall Down Chapter 2-a SAB Bay/Emmett story

Chapter 2: Whether You Fall

Author’s Note: Sorry guys, I’m having some real writer’s block. Therefore, I am going to skip ahead a bit, but I’ll make sure to flashback to help bridge the gaps. This chapter (like the rest of the season to come) will jump ahead three months to the beginning of the school year and yes, Bay has broken up with Emmett. Break up scene will one of the aforementioned flashbacks.

Whether you fall, means nothing at all. It’s whether you get up, it’s whether you get up.”-Tracy Bonham

It had been three months, somewhat close to ninety days, 2160 hours and 5400 seconds since Emmett Bledsoe’s heart had been broken by one Bay Kennish. There had been about a thousand text messages sent, five hundred e-mails, a couple dozen bouquets of flowers, his own attempt of axe boy so axe girl could have a companion and still, the girl remained steadfast. She was done and he got it, he did.

He cheated.

He betrayed her.

But what he couldn’t understand was that her heart was broken too, so wouldn’t it be better to have two broken hearts trying to mend rather than two broken hearts remaining broken?

It’s a lot more fun being angry together than alone.”

She had told him that once before and as always, Bay was right. As it turned out, she was right about mostly everything and he was just wrong. If he could go back to that day, that fateful day, and undo it all, he would. He would have walked away from that ice machine or he wouldn’t have yelled at Bay. He definitely wouldn’t have slept with Simone. He wouldn’t have lost Bay. But he did lose Bay, and here he was, alone, on the first day of his junior year of high school and normally he’d be sitting at a table with Daphne talking about something stupid, but even Daphne wanted nothing to do with him. Well, that wasn’t completely true.

She wasn’t ignoring him, but their time spent together had been sporadic to say the least.

He wondered how the hell he could have been surrounded by so many people and yet feel so completely and utterly alone. He wanted to cry, but he had done enough of that this summer. If this were a few months ago, say May, he’d be texting Bay, who even though didn’t have the same lunch period as he did and should have been paying attention in class always texted him back. She always was there. Why couldn’t he have just seen that? Why did he fuck up so bad?

He shouldn’t do this.

It’ll just make things harder, Emmett!” said his conscience, but he couldn’t help it. He needed to pretend that Bay was still there, even if that sounded crazy.

He scrolled through his message history and read through each message.

Hey beautiful. Just thinking of you. –E”

Hey! I’m so bored. I hate pre-cal :( -B”

I’m sorry. I’m pretty good at math. I could help you. Want to come over and study? ;-) E”

Hehe. I saw that wink. Do you mean study or “study?” And you’re taking trig! How could you help me? –B”

I have my ways :) –E”

I bet. Shoot. Gotta go, I love you –B”

Okay. I love you, too. –E”

There were a few more, including one a particular one where she talked about some guy hitting on her and Emmett wanted to come down and kick his ass, or at least show him that she was taken. But she wasn’t taken.

He was so invested in the ghosts of Bay past that he didn’t even see Daphne and Travis, ugh, he hated that guy, come over to his table.


Emmett nodded.


He was happy that Daphne was sitting with him and he guessed trying to make peace, but it didn’t help his situation. In fact, it just made him more sad. He wanted to go back to the days when Daphne was his best friend and Bay was his girlfriend, but it was clear to see that that wasn’t happening, and if Bay had her way it would be forever.

"How are you?" Daphne asked gently.

"I’m great. About to join the pep team." He knew he was being a jerk, but really, what did she expect? He lost the love of his life. Yes, he knew people would think he was being dramatic, but he wasn’t. Bay really was the love of his life. He didn’t want anybody else. Ever. He just wanted Bay.

Daphne sighed and tried again.

"I know things are tough for you now but –

"No, you don’t. You don’t know. You don’t know anything. You come here after a whole summer of barely talking to me and you want to play nice? You really want to know how I am? I am devastated!”

Daphne looked defeated.

"Fine. Forget I even tried," and with that she got up and left, but for some reason Travis stayed. He stayed and stared at Emmett.

Emmett rolled his eyes at Daphne’s new whatever the hell he was. Best friend? Boyfriend? Wilke replacement? Whatever.


Travis just smirked.


Emmett was not in the mood for this douchebag, that was for sure.

"You know, I wouldn’t get too comfortable."

"Oh? What is that supposed to mean."

"With Daphne. It’s clear she’s just hanging out with you because she’s mad at me, but Daphne and I are best friends and we’re just going through a rough patch. She’ll come around and once she does, she’ll drop you. Or she won’t because she feels sorry for you." Emmett had to admit it felt good to get rid of some of his anger, even though Travis didn’t deserve it. But what pissed him off more is that Travis didn’t even look upset. He actually looked amused.

"Hmm, well maybe that will work out in my favor in other ways."

Emmett shook his head.

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, if Daphne is only hanging out with me because she’s mad at you, maybe Bay would hang out with me too." Emmett’s blood started to boil at the mention of Bay. Fuck Travis. Who did he think he was?

"You don’t even know Bay.”

"I’ve seen enough of her. You know, I’ve hung around the house a lot this summer. And the other day Bay came into the car wash to see John. You are a real idiot, you know that right? I mean, a hearing girl willing to sign, not to mention she’s gorgeous and funny," and then he paused, "and she has a really nice ass."

With that, Emmett nearly jumped over to the other side of the table.

"Listen, you want to hang out with Daphne and be her new best friend, fine. Go right ahead. Go bask in the glory of it, but you stay the hell away from Bay or you and I are going to have a problem. You got that?”

Travis started laughing hysterically.

"You think this is funny? I love that girl okay? We may not be together now, but I’m warning you, Travis, don’t go there.”

Finally Travis got himself together.

"Dude, I’m not interested in Bay, okay? You just seem so serious. I mean, c’mon. But for future reference, I don’t think you have anything to say about who Bay does or doesn’t date. I guess that’s what you get for jumping into bed with someone who isn’t your girlfriend,” Travis said, tapping Emmett on the shoulder and walking away.

What just happened? The truth is, Emmett didn’t even think about the possibility that Bay would date another guy and that just made him want to die.

Emmett Bledsoe had a broken heart and he wondered if it would ever be whole again.

We All Fall Down: A Bemmett (SAB) fic

We All Fall Down: Chapter 1- Burning Bridges

His head was absolutely killing him, that was one thing he knew for sure. He also vaguely remembered drinking some Absolut Vodka, quite a few shots. But what he didn’t remember was where he was or how he got there, but he figured the alcohol had something to do with that. And then as he realized his shirt was off and there was a girl lying next to him in bed he remembered exactly what he’d done and who he had done it with.


Oh yes, they had done that.

Simone. She looked at him and he looked back, horror staring him plainly in the face. This was so fucking wrong on so many levels.


Not only was Simone his girlfriend’s former friend, but she was also the newfound nemesis of Daphne and girlfriend of Toby, who happened to be both Daphne’s and Bay’s brother. He wanted to throw up. What had he done? Someone must have knocked at the door because Simone got a look of “oh shit” on her face and gestured for him to get behind the door. He still had his shirt off.

What if it was Toby? How the hell would he get out of this?

Simone closed the door and he could make out her saying it was Daphne, but that she hadn’t seen him. There was such a thing as small miracles, he guessed. He signed that he should go and ran to the bed to get the rest of his belongings. She asked him to wait and make sure that Daphne was gone and then she let him leave.

He put his other shoe on and leaned up against the wall, sighing. He didn’t know if it was relief at not getting caught or because of what he managed to get himself into.

He tried to replay the previous night’s events. There was the basketball game, his dad telling him that he was giving Melody full custody and there was the fight….with Bay.

Oh, god, Bay!

Had he really done that? Had he cheated on his girlfriend? Yes, yes he had. If it hadn’t been so fucked up, he would have laughed at the irony. Only a few days ago he was jealous that Bay had been e-mailing Ty and here he had gone and slept with someone else. He didn’t even know what he was going to do or how he would even begin to fix this. Not to mention that he had cheated, but he had said pretty horrible things to Bay and made her feel like shit. Oh yes, he was certainly out of the running for boyfriend of the year.

He checked his phone and there were a few texts he saw, all from Bay.

I’m sorry.

I just wanted to help.

I love you.

Are you okay?

Will you please write me back?

And there was also a notification of a missed call.

He felt his heart literally break into a million pieces. He imagined Bay at home crying, thinking she single-handedly destroyed their relationship probably believing with good reason that he hated her and he was the one that threw everything into the garbage.

Somehow in between feeling like he was going to pass out and cry simultaneously he made it back to his room.

As he entered, Jackson high fived him. “Yeah. Someone hooked up.”

He just shook his head, hoping Jackson would get the message that he didn’t want to talk about it, but no, of course not.

"Come on, bro. It’s nothing to be ashamed about. That girlfriend of yours is fi-ne. How did Bay manage to get up here anyway? And why didn’t you bring her by?”

But Emmett couldn’t seem to bring himself to say the words.

"Wait, you mean….it wasn’t Bay?"

He just shook his head.

"That’s…bad. What are you going to do?"

He didn’t want to think about it though, so he threw himself onto the next bed and put the pillow over his face, and screamed as loud as he could, hoping that even if he couldn’t hear it, someone else would.