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Yeah, I’m writing another SAB post. Deal. Or block me. Whatever.

This time though I’m directing it not at the show but at some disturbing opinions I’ve seen which is that Bay is finally being a good person. That she’s finally thinking of someone other than herself and doing something other than whining about how she’s the only victim and I’m just sitting here in my corner shaking my head because agree with the finale or disagree with the finale, the notion that it took Bay to do this for some of ya’ll to see that she is *gasp* a person worthy of respect is one I vehemently disagree with.

It’s a gross opinion and it’s also unjust. 

So when Bay went to Regina in 1A and told her about Toby’s gambling problem because she thought it would be better coming from someone else who struggles with addiction, was she thinking only of herself?

When she asked Kathryn if Daphne and Regina could move in in the pilot episode, was she thinking only of herself?

When Emmett was going through his difficult time with his parents and essentially being neglected by his dad and she went to him knowing it could make Emmett upset enough to end their relationship but only caring about his well being, was she thinking only of herself?

When Carlton was faced with being shut down and Daphne was attempting to lead the sit in but was being faced with opposition and Bay was the first one to give Daphne her cell, was she thinking only of herself?

When Mary Beth was feeling down about her brother and liked Mac and Bay set up their double date, was she thinking only of herself?

When Tank was kicked out of art class for not doing his assignment and Bay went to bat for him, was she thinking only of herself?

No. No, she was not.

I don’t know why some of you cannot let go of this preconceived notion that ya’ll have held steadfast to which is that Bay is some spoiled uncaring brat, but, you know, the truth is it has not taken up until this point for Bay to see the light and be a good person.

She’s always been a good person. A bit misguided at times and makes mistakes, but it doesn’t negate her goodness. 

Try and remember that before thinking the only way Bay is worthy of respect as a character is because she sacrificed herself for Daphne. It’s a slippery slope when you start basing someone’s value on what they can do for someone else and only then.

I wanted her to come alive because the most powerful memories aren’t flat or linear. At least, they aren’t for me. The moments that I replay over and over again are like this. They spin and spin and sometimes they make you dizzy. Or at least, the good ones do.
Bay Kennish, Switched at Birth
And sometimes love means doing what the other person wants. Even if it isn’t what you want.
Emmett Bledsoe, Switched at Birth; Season 3, Episode 16, “And the Image Disappears”

I keep seeing posts talking about Daphne getting hated on when Bay isn’t and really, I’m laughing because all I see is Bay hate. A lot of it is unwarranted in my opinion.

The difference in being a Bay fan is that I can acknowledge when she does shitty things and exhibits problematic behaviors and attitudes. I can admit she was harsh to Daphne yesterday. However, I can also understand (not condone - important to note the difference - ) where she was coming from.

But it seems like every other character fan cannot ever express when their character fucks up.

When Daphne messes up, it’s whitewashed and excused.

When Ty lies about cheating, it’s romanticized and deemed a noble act. When he emotionally manipulates her (yes, he really did. Please watch the scene again) into climbing a tower because he was insecure because she dumped him for Emmett (important to note not exactly how it happened), it’s “understandable” and also somehow becomes Bay’s fault  because she got hurt when she didn’t follow his instructions…meanwhile it was never something she wanted to participate in in the first place.

Bay cheats on Tank (not right nor does it make it right because she has true love with Emmett. See? I can admit Bay’s wrongdoings!) and therefore the fact that he threw his depledging in her face - an act she never asked him to do - before he knew about the cheating is okay. Pre-cheating it was also okay that he got extremely defensive when she didn’t want to sleep with him and then even though he gave her fed her a really offensive and patronizing line about not remembering she’s still in high school, which essentially has the subtext of damn, too bad. College girls give it up way more easy, he was forgiven. And Bay was called a tease. 

Even Emmett. I love Emmett, I do, but him telling Bay he wouldn’t wait around for her anymore (again, Bay never asks these guys to do these things) because she was too blind to see that yet another boyfriend of hers was cheating (or rather into someone else) was also shitty.

Here’s what you can blame Bay for:

  • Stealing money from John and Kathryn.
  • Doing street art .
  • Lashing out at others when she’s hurt at times and being unnecessarily harsh.
  • Cheating on Tank after being cheated on by Emmett (Noah too?) and thinking Ty cheated.
  • The whole Zarra arc.

Here’s what you cannot blame Bay for:

  • Being cheated on (or fauxed cheated on).
  • Starting the switch (aka finding out why her blood type did not match her parents. Something that may have been necessary and could have effected her health had she not. What if she had a hereditary condition?) I should also note this is not Bay or Daphne’s fault. It was the hospital’s fault.
  • Angelo leaving Daphne.
  • Wanting to know Angelo despite the fact that he left Daphne.
  • Regina being closed-off to Bay.
  • Being upset after finding out Regina knew about her for thirteen years and made no effort to come find her. Bay growing up in a wealthy family doesn’t preclude her feelings of isolation and not feeling like she belonged. I should also note Daphne was also pissed when she discovered Regina lied.

You can also understand and not necessarily condone or agree with Bay’s behaviors. There is a difference.

I’m a proud member of the Bay Kennish fan club.

Current members: Two.

Haters: A billion and counting…..

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