Are you crazy? If Klaus sees you-

Are you crazy? If Klaus sees you-

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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When people get all upset because they clearly misinterpreted which couple was the showtp and threaten to stop watching:




warm chocolate chip cookie stuffed soft pretzels

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SAB Fandom ~ Bay thoughts ~

Okay, so I need to address something.

And before I start, I should preface this saying I’m a Bay/Emmett fan, but I’m most importantly a Bay fan.

Here goes. As someone who ships Bay/Emmett, am I happy that they confessed their love to each other and finally consummated their relationship? Absolutely. Do I wish she had been single when it happened? Of course. Am I downplaying cheating? No. Did Tank deserve better than to get cheated on? Yes.

However, with that being said, I feel like people are forgetting that this show is about Bay and Daphne and their relationships with people and their families. It sucks that Tank will be hurt by this, but this isn’t about Tank. I’m not minimizing his feelings. He will be upset and has a right to be upset, but this isn’t about his journey on the show. It’s about Bay’s journey. The mistakes she’ll make and her growing and learning who she wants to be with and what she wants to do with her life. Do I want it to be with Emmett? Yes. Does that mean it will necessarily be him? Of course not.

And now I’m seeing all the “Tank deserves better than Bay,” “Bay is a piece of shit” posts and rolling my eyes. I fucking hate when people use the term “deserves better than” in regards to a person. No. You can say a person deserves better than how a person treated them and their actions, but when you say “X deserves better than Y” you’re placing X’s intrinsic value as a person over Y’s. That’s bullshit. We all make mistakes. It doesn’t mean we should be condemned the rest of our lives for it (well, unless it’s something brutal). Bay screwed up; no one is challenging that. But she’s not a screw up from here on out. I really doubt she planned on what happened happening.

Oh, and I said the same thing when Emmett cheated.

It’s also really gross when people think the so called “nice guy” trope is entitled to the girl simply because he’s nice. Let me explain. You’re never obligated to a person. No one has ownership over Bay. Nope nope nope. Not Emmett, not Tank, not Ty, not whoever else may come. Bay belongs to Bay and to no one else. You’re never entitled to another human being.

You’re entitled to respect, but not to a person just because you’re a good person.

Even when Bay only saw Tank as a friend I saw people saying “Pick him Bay, he’ll be soooo good for you.” I hate that shit. Just because you’re friends with someone and develop feelings and have been there again does not mean you’re entitled to a romantic relationship with them! I’m not even speaking about just Switched with this point. I see it all the time.  It sucks to have a friend who you have feelings for who doesn’t return them, but if you don’t feel it, you don’t feel it. I’m certainly not implying that Tank felt he was entitled to Bay; that is a more a fandom issue.

Let me also make one thing clear. I am not defending Bay’s actions with what happened in the park with Emmett. I just don’t think Bay should stay with Tank simply because he’s a “nice guy” when she has feelings for someone else. I don’t even think Bay should have ever gotten involved with Tank. She bought into the nice guy trope without really thinking about if it was what she wanted or if she just wanted to feel safe and secure.

Thank you.

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So confused

Why does everyone think that yesterday’s episode somehow put the final nail in the coffin for Bay & Emmett? Did I miss something? I just will never understand how people can interpret an episode so differently. If anything, it gave Bemmett fans hope.

But let’s discuss the issues I’m having. Emmett, when he told Bay they couldn’t get back together, he meant if she was never able to fully get past the cheating (even though I don’t agree that she’s always throwing it in his face.) Two, Bay apologized and agreed that if they were ever going to have a chance, she realized she would have to let go of what happened with Simone. And then she said she would. 

So, therefore, one could conclude she does want a chance with Emmett one day. 

I’m just seriously confused as to why people think yesterday put an end to anything Bay/Emmett ever happening. It opened that door; it didn’t shut it.