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Yeah, I’m writing another SAB post. Deal. Or block me. Whatever.

This time though I’m directing it not at the show but at some disturbing opinions I’ve seen which is that Bay is finally being a good person. That she’s finally thinking of someone other than herself and doing something other than whining about how she’s the only victim and I’m just sitting here in my corner shaking my head because agree with the finale or disagree with the finale, the notion that it took Bay to do this for some of ya’ll to see that she is *gasp* a person worthy of respect is one I vehemently disagree with.

It’s a gross opinion and it’s also unjust. 

So when Bay went to Regina in 1A and told her about Toby’s gambling problem because she thought it would be better coming from someone else who struggles with addiction, was she thinking only of herself?

When she asked Kathryn if Daphne and Regina could move in in the pilot episode, was she thinking only of herself?

When Emmett was going through his difficult time with his parents and essentially being neglected by his dad and she went to him knowing it could make Emmett upset enough to end their relationship but only caring about his well being, was she thinking only of herself?

When Carlton was faced with being shut down and Daphne was attempting to lead the sit in but was being faced with opposition and Bay was the first one to give Daphne her cell, was she thinking only of herself?

When Mary Beth was feeling down about her brother and liked Mac and Bay set up their double date, was she thinking only of herself?

When Tank was kicked out of art class for not doing his assignment and Bay went to bat for him, was she thinking only of herself?

No. No, she was not.

I don’t know why some of you cannot let go of this preconceived notion that ya’ll have held steadfast to which is that Bay is some spoiled uncaring brat, but, you know, the truth is it has not taken up until this point for Bay to see the light and be a good person.

She’s always been a good person. A bit misguided at times and makes mistakes, but it doesn’t negate her goodness. 

Try and remember that before thinking the only way Bay is worthy of respect as a character is because she sacrificed herself for Daphne. It’s a slippery slope when you start basing someone’s value on what they can do for someone else and only then.

I’ve seen quite a few posts on here debunking certain statements I have made (or at least I think they are in reference to my posts) and I just want to address a few things:

  • Yes, I get that Switched at Birth is a drama and by definition, there have to be dramatic moments, but there is good drama and then there’s shock value jumping the big fucking white shark drama. Ladies and gents, this was the absolute latter. If they were thinking A->B meaning, A is the event we need to get to B, B being everyone staying in KC, there were other ways to do it. For example, Bay’s MRI could have been wrong and there could have been an aneurysm which caused her to stay. I think it’s just as plausible as the cops believing Bay when there’s no evidence that she was there. Beyond that, there were other ways to get the teens to stay if that is what they truly wanted.
  • Secondly, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. I have stated I have a Bay bias and that’s fine. I’m being upfront. No, I don’t view Daphne or the show the same way. Maybe if I had an equal bias for both girls, I could see that the show isn’t making it more about Daphne’s value than Bay’s. But I don’t. Therefore, I do think there’s a dichotomy between how the show treats Bay and how the show treats Daphne. And it’s not just me. I know other people feel the same way.
  • That being said, yes, it’s in character for both girls to do what they did. Bay, despite being labeled by the fandom early on as the rebellious, spoiled brat, has always had a big heart. Lest we forget in the early days of the show we find out Bay has been bailing Toby out of gambling debt for a while. Yes, she makes mistakes and can be blunt and rude, but at her core, she’s a healer and eternal optimist. Which is where the nurture part of the show comes from. Bay is very similar to Kathryn in this regard. I can appreciate Bay’s big heart while being scared and upset that they are dooming her for martyrdom. 
  • In my opinion it’s also in character for Daphne to let Bay take the fall. My opinion of Daphne at this moment is sufficiently low. I am not a fan at this particular time. And I do think she has an incredibly selfish side. Regina kind of does too. I understand the mama bear coming out to protect her cub and thankfully she apologized to Wes, but man was there a sense of entitlement when she reamed him out. How dare he turn in Daphne? Maybe a little less blaming others and more blaming your kid, Regina.
  • I have a lot to say about this episode, but if I don’t stop, I could be here for hours. So, lastly I’ll say I don’t appreciate the show (or fans) excusing it by stating Bay didn’t have plans. She did have plans. Even if she didn’t have plans, this could affect her future. She perjured herself. What Bay did was stupid on a monumental level and it hurts because I really love her character. But she played a part and will have to face the music. It was an unnecessary sacrifice. 

Repeat after me. Ahem:

Daphne is not a special snowflake.

Daphne’s value as a person is not worth more than Bay’s.

Bay deserves happiness and to not take the fall for a girl who wouldn’t do the same for her.

I just don’t get the message of this episode. Is Bay’s self-esteem that low? Does she still feel like Daphne is perfection and she’s shit? Does she feel guilty? It just bothers me a lot. Bay is my favorite and I’ve made no qualms about stating that. It just hurts that she honestly feels Daphne’s future is worth more than hers. 

Or that this is what you do for family. 

And you know what, if we had ever seen an ounce of loyalty from Daphne to match Bay’s, this would be a different story. And yet, Daphne didn’t stand up for Bay during the Carlton sit in. 

It’s like, we get it. Daphne is the good girl and Bay is the bad one. Obviously this is the message of the show. I don’t agree with it, (at fucking all) but is there any use in fighting it? Apparently not.

Just disappointing. 

And of course, gotta use this for Bemmett angst in season 4! Goody. It’s not like Bay and Emmett have had a hard time or anything, y’all. Their relationship for the past three seasons? Completely angst free. It’s not as though they were broken up for over two seasons and we just got them back.


Let’s break ‘em up again, but this time in an awesomely contrived way (not that Simone wasn’t contrived). 

Really, season 4, I’m super excited. Like, can’t you tell?

Switched at Birth should be named Shit on Bay.

(And shit on Emmett, too, while you’re at it)

Hahaha. Thanks, really. I really needed Emmett to thank Daphne for being switched so he could meet Bay, how he wouldn’t to USC without her and for Daphne to know this and allow Bay to do that.

Because Bay and Emmett can’t just be happy for once. 

I know I’m supposed to buy this as sisterly love, but what it is is bullshit. It’s bullshit and insulting to the fans. 

This finale was bullshit. 

What the fuck is this bullshit?

Seriously?? Bay!

I cannot. 


Switched At Birth has too many feels and not enough fandom right now.

So I’m gonna do an experiment.

If you make GIFs, write fanfiction, vid, or just blog about Switched At Birth (even occasionally) and love the show, reblog this post with the name of your favorite ship, character, and episode. I want to know how many of you are out there.

Favorite ship: Bay/Emmett

Favorite character: Bay

Favorite episode: Pandora’s Box

What I do: Write fanfic

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